Innovation action arenas in Western Sweden

Innovation action arenas in Western Sweden

This study aims at producing an easy to use presentation of arenas and clusters in western Sweden, which facilitates or are involved in demonstrations of sustainable services and technologies.

The target group for the presentation is Swedish or European consortia working on project proposals, which include innovation actions such as live demonstration of services and Innovation Actionproducts.

It is the GAME network ambition that projects more and more should share innovation action arenas in western Sweden. By sharing arenas a number of synergies will appear such as communication synergies, as stronger branding and easier to handle delegations. The Arenas themselves can become more effective in facilitating demonstration and can attract enough project funding to maybe have a small but dedicated organisation.

The study have identified three types of organisations that turns up when doing research on innovation action arenas:

The arenas are geographical locations where the innovations actions are facilitated. An example is Asta Zero, which is the world’s first full-scale test environment for future road safety. The facility offers different traffic environments, which makes it possible to test advanced safety systems and their functions for all kind of traffic situations.

Collaboration networks are long-term collaborations, which together runs several innovation action projects on one or more arenas. Example: Climate Neutral Freight Transport (KNEG). The aim of KNEG is to show how climate impact from freight transportation by road in Sweden can be reduced through various measures. The projects focuses mainly on shipping efficiency, fuel production, vehicle efficiency, and expanded use of renewable fuels.

Projects are projects with projects consortia. However, large projects, which runs several years have a tendency to be interpreted as both Arenas and Collaborative Networks. Example: CELSIUS demonstrates and promotes integration of smart district heating and cooling. Gothenburg is one of the 5 demonstration partner cities and City of Göteborg is the coordinator of this project, which is one of the largest projects in FP7.


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