GAME – Göteborg Action for Management of the Environment

is a collaborative project in West Sweden bringing partners and stakeholders together from research, business sector and regional authorities. Sustainable development is the common denominator for all activities within the GAME Network.

In order to cope with an increasing global population, rapid depletion of many resources, increasing environmental pressures and climate change, Europe needs to radically change its approach to production, consumption, processing, storage, recycling and disposal of biological resources.

To support this change on a regional level, in 2013 the GAME network is mapping existing research and innovation activities, competence centres and infrastructures in Western Sweden. The report will serve as a basis to a regional bio economy strategy.


A central part of the GAME Network is our EU-updates click the link or picture below to read the latest update on EU Research:

141107 A short EU 2020 update for the GAME network – JN