A short EU Update (2012-06-07)

A short EU Update (2012-06-07)

Includes the following topics (read as pdf)

Compromises for a directive
The Council, the Commission and the European Parlament seem to go toward a compromise regarding energy efficiency directives and energy savings objectives for 2020. Läs mer =>

Cyprus re-launch maritime policy
A priority for the Cyprus EU presidency is to re-launch the Commission plans for an Integrated EU maritime policy is. As Nicosia sees it, a coherent approach could help, e.g., offshore wind farms to co-exist with shipping, which in turn could affect ports. A high-level conference on maritime policy is planned in Cyprus in October, with the participation of Commission President José Manuel Barroso, a big supporter of the project. Läs mer =>

Higher flat rate for RTD
The Competitiveness Council adopted on May 31st a Progress Report on the Horizon 2020 Specific Programme, the Rules for Participation and the EIT proposals. The main topic of discussion was the funding model. The Council also shares the opinion that the abolition of the real indirect cost option is “a setback rather than simplification”.
Läs mer =>

Smart Citizens in Smart Cities
Fireball ordered a whitepaper focusing on strategies developed by European Cities to become smarter. Innovation is the heart of those strategies. But more than that, the paper highlights the evolution of the concept itself with the integration of open innovation and citizens’ empowerment as key drivers. Läs mer =>

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