A short EU Update (2012-12-11)

A short EU Update (2012-12-11)

Includes the following topics (read as PDF)

Drones for environment monitoring
A team of researchers of the Public University of Navarre has developed a technique that enables the processing in real time of 3-D images to be improved. This research into stereoscopic vision has applications in monitoring of the environment in vehicles (unmanned planes and helicopters, vehicles, etc.).
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BAT for heating and cooling
The JRC/ SETIS published a report that maps the “Best available technologies (BAT) for the heat and cooling market in the European Union”. The selection of the BATs was carried out by an interdisciplinary expert team, with experts from the JRC, Bio Intelligence Services, and the Danish Technological Institute.
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A new Environment Action Programme
Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard said: ”We cannot wait until the economic crisis is over before we tackle the resources, environmental and climate crises. We must address all these at the same time and therefore include climate and environmental concerns into all our policies.
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Reach; Betweenness; Closeness
The City Form Lab has released a state-of-the-art toolbox for urban network analysis. The tools are aimed at professionals who are interested in studying the spatial configurations of cities, and their related social, economic, and environmental processes
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