A short update on EU research

A short update on EU research

Includes the following topics (read as PDF)

Smart Grid Project for a Greener Future
The UK’s largest ’smart grid’ project has completed the first stage of its research into electricity consumption after establishing a series of ongoing trials with 12,000 customers. The £54m Customer-Led Network Revolution  project is testing a number of innovative solutions to ensure Britain’s electricity networks are fit for the future and ready for the mass uptake of low carbon technologies, such as solar PV, heat pumps and electric vehicles. Läs mer =>

Falkenberg, a leading Concerto project
The EU CONCERTO initiative has presented a database of major construction and retrofitting projects being carried out in 58 European municipalities. One of them is Falkenberg, which aims to cut its energy consumption of 1/4 within the CONCERTO core area, by using different techniques of Energy Efficiency (EE) and new methods of clean energy production. Läs mer =>

Finland takes the biorefinery lead
The EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, which requires that renewable energy should account for at least 10% of the energy used in traffic by 2020, is creating a boom in biorefinery projects in Finland. There are currently more than EUR 1 billion worth of biorefinery projects underway or planned in Finland. If all the planned projects are realised the production of biofuels in Finland will increase to almost one million tons annually. This would cover 12-20% of Finland’s total traffic fuel needs. Läs mer =>

Europe in 2030
The European Commission took last week the first step towards developing a 2030 framework for EU climate change and energy policies. The Commission also adopted a report assessing the EU and Member States’ progress towards their 2020 renewable energy targets and on the sustainability of biofuels and bioliquids consumed in the EU. Läs mer =>


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