A short update on EU research (2013-01-24)

A short update on EU research (2013-01-24)

Includes the following topics (read as PDF)

Smart City Management
The Spanish company Indra has designed an Urban Interoperability Platform to integrate and manage all services and solutions comprising at city ecosystem. This management centre aids different systems to exchange information so as to offer a comprehensive activity overview.
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Smart windfarms
Wind farms with a capacity of over one gigawatt of power – to be used over large surface areas – slow down the atmospheric boundary layer, the lowest portion of the troposphere, reducing their performance. An EU-funded project, ACTIVEWINDFARMS address the issue.
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A new intelligent call
Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) supports EU energy efficiency and renewable energy policies, with a view to reaching the EU 2020 targets (20% cut in greenhouse gas emissions, 20% improvement in energy efficiency and 20% of renewables in EU energy consumption).
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Smart and Safe Batteries
The objective of SmartBatt project is to develop and proof an innovative, multifunctional, light and safe concept of an energy storage system which is integrated in the pure electric car’s structure. The main challenges of this smart integration are the combination of lightweight design with a high safety.
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