EU update for the GAME Network

EU update for the GAME Network

Circular economy roadmap – the next step
circular economyThe Commission is aiming to present a new, more ambitious circular economy strategy late in 2015, to transform Europe into a more competitive resource-efficient economy, addressing a range of economic sectors, including waste. As part of the process, the Commission has run a public consultation on the subject and the contributions are now published.

EU boost energy efficiency investment retrofitting The European Commission initiative, to be
launched next year, will make it easier for smaller energy efficiency projects, such as building renovations, to get EU funding. The plan, “a matter of priority”, is mentioned in a leaked draft of the executive’s forthcoming State of the Energy Union report. The leaked draft signals a renewe
d focus on enforcement. “To drive down emissions, effective enforcement of regulatory standards is of critical importance. This work acquires extra importance in the aftermath of the Volkswagen affair,” it said.

EU leadership in Ocean Energy under threat
Ocean energy
European regions in the United Kingdom, France, and Ireland are world leaders in pioneering ocean energy, but risk losing that status to international competitors, unless public support for the technology is stepped up. Local authorities in Scotland, Wales, and Brittany, have secured nati
onal and EU funding to run expensive test projects. Ocean energy is an umbrella term covering a number of different technologies. Demonstrating that the renewable system works is vital to entice private investors, put off by high testing costs, to back the technology. Without publicly supported capital intensive demonstrations, private investors won’t back ocean energy.

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